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10th ISNS International Symposium / 11th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, Hangzhou, P.R.China, September 19-22, 2019

"Screening pathways through China, the Asia Pacific region, the world"

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Hangzhou East
600 Jinsha Avenue, Hangzhou,
310018, China

Phone: +86-571-89898888

Website: Double Tree by Hilton



You can reach Hangzhou by plane, train, bus, car, boat or even on bicycle.

There are a number of airlines that operate direct routes to Hangzhou. The Hangzhou Airport (HGH) can be accessed from the city centre an hour.

The waiting hall for the bus to the city is at Gate 14, Arrival Hall.
A taxi to the city centre costs around 20 USD.

General information

Please check if you need to apply for a visa to enter the P.R.China !
Citizens holding a passport of Bangladesh, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka need extra time for visa approval. They should register before August 8!


Please find information on the city of Hangzhou, climate, currency, visa application etc. here

Welcome !


As President of the ISNS, it is my great pleasure to extend greetings and best wishes to the Organizing Committee for the 11th ISNS Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in conjunction with the 10th International Society of Neonatal Screening Symposium. We are excited to have this important meeting in the very beautiful city of Hangzhou, China. We look forward to benefitting from Hangzhou’s excellent conference facilities, and in the evenings, it’s special Lake District. We are pleased to bring together the expert and talented leadership of the Asia Pacific Region, along with leaders from other parts of the world. We will not only hear from areas which are developing and expanding their newborn screening panels, but as well as from areas which are developing new technologies which will permit screening for rare diseases which have only recently had effective treatments available. I will personally be most interested to hear from the experts in Hangzhou who have been piloting screening for Duchenne muscular dystrophy for some time, and we are just beginning in the western countries. This meeting will provide an outstanding opportunity to share experiences from experts in newborn screening, with a variety of needs, from a vast area of the world. I look forward to participating with you in this important meeting in Hangzhou in 2019.
R. Rodney Howell, MD
ISNS President



I am honored to be the president of the ISNS 2019 Meeting. ISNS is recognized worldwide for its contributions to the detection of neonatal conditions and the prevention of their adverse outcomes through excellence in neonatal screening. ISNS has around 400 members in more than 70 different countries. With our joint efforts, more and more newborns have benefit directly from neonatal screening program since the 1960s.
In China, neonatal screening has developed rapidly in recent 35 years. In 2017, the neonatal screening coverage rate in mainland China has reached to 97.5%. The management system including education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and reproductive guidance has been preliminarily formed. At the same time, we actively collaborate with local and international partners, and have made progress in expansion of new disorders, application of new technologies, information management and artificial intelligence. The purpose of this meeting is to enhance academic exchanges, to share experience and the latest developments around the world and the Asia-Pacific region. Representatives from about 50 countries will attend the meeting, which would be a popular communication platform.
Hangzhou is known as the "Heaven On Earth" which has been attracting people from all over the world for its historic sceneries, beautiful West Lake and numerous legends. At this point, on behalf of the organizing committee of the meeting, I look forward to your participation. I hope that we can exchange experience, learn from each other and achieve common progress.
This meeting and the charm of Hangzhou will be an unforgettable trip for you.
Zhengyan Zhao, MD
Qiang Shu, MD
Co-Presidents of the ISNS 2019 Meeting


Local Organising Committee

Zhengyan Zhao (P.R.China)
Rulai Yang (P.R.China)
Xuefan Gu (P.R.China)
Jun Zhu (P.R.China)
Zhiguo Wang (P.R.China)
Veronica Wiley (Australia)
Dianne Webster (New Zealand)
Gerard Loeber (Netherlands)

Scientific Committee

Jim Bonham (UK) chair
Mei Baker (USA)
Roberto Giugliani (Brazil)
Kate Hall (UK)
Seema Kapoor (India)
Issam Khneisser (Lebanon)
Gerard Loeber (Netherlands)
Dave Millington (USA)
Kostas Petritis (USA)
Iveta Sosova (Canada)
Peter Schielen (Netherlands)
Lesley Tetlow (UK)
Brad Therrell (USA)
Dianne Webster (NZ)
Veronica Wiley (AUS)
Rolf Zetterstrom (Sweden)


MCI Geneva
c/o Mrs Gaëlle Notzli

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